Garden Vegetables

Garden Vegetables

by Lingwei (from WeChat.)

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This dish has easy-to-obtain ingredients and super simple preparation. For people who lose weight, it has low calories and is nutritious.


Garden Vegetables

1. Cut leek into sections

Garden Vegetables recipe

2. Wash the bean sprouts and set aside

Garden Vegetables recipe

3. Beat one egg

Garden Vegetables recipe

4. Put a little oil in the pot, chopped green onion

Garden Vegetables recipe

5. The eggs are scrambled and prepared for later use

Garden Vegetables recipe

6. Put bean sprouts and stir fry, put soy sauce

Garden Vegetables recipe

7. Add eggs, leeks, chicken essence, a small amount of salt, and stir fry evenly, and the leeks will change color when frying. Don't fry too old.

Garden Vegetables recipe

8. Out of the pot.

Garden Vegetables recipe


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