Garlic Shredded Radish

Garlic Shredded Radish

by Shredded Potato Burrito

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Green radish has a relatively high water content, a crispy taste, and a slightly astringent taste. It can also be pickled pickles and can be used as a soup. Today I use green radish pickled side dishes. The meal is very delicious. It is eaten and mixed. Also nutritious and healthy.


Garlic Shredded Radish

1. The ingredients are ready, I use a small fruit radish, one is about 400 grams

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe

2. Rub the radish into silk with a grater. Of course, you can cut it with a good knife.

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe

3. Chop garlic and fresh ginger into minced shapes, and chop them as much as possible

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe

4. Pour 2 times the boiling water into the chili powder, stir it, let the chili powder fully absorb the water

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe

5. Put the minced ginger and garlic into the chili powder bowl, and at the same time add the monosodium glutamate and salt to stir

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe

6. Squeeze the shredded radish slightly to get some moisture out, don’t grab it too dry

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe

7. Put in the mixed ingredients

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe

8. After mixing well, let it stand for half an hour and then simply stir. It's more refreshing to eat after refrigerating in the refrigerator

Garlic Shredded Radish recipe


Just mix the shredded radish and let it stand for a while before eating, but it’s better to eat after refrigerating it in the refrigerator.

The amount of raw radish is generally 100-150 grams per day or every other day.


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