Garlic Spicy Chicken

Garlic Spicy Chicken

by Plums for gourmet

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Spicy garlic chicken with a lot of chicken, which is both greedy and enjoyable to eat. The skin of the meat is very chewy, the meat inside is very tender and the taste is very firm.

Garlic Spicy Chicken

1. Chop chicken legs and wings into large pieces, which makes it more enjoyable to eat

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe

2. Add green onion, ginger, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, salt, black pepper, mix well and marinate for an hour

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe

3. Cut dried chili into small pieces. If you are not used to the spicy taste, it is recommended to use half of pickled pepper instead

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe

4. The chicken is coated with flour

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe

5. The oil is 50% hot, the chicken is put in the pot and fry for about ten minutes to remove

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe

6. Wait for the oil temperature to rise a little, and re-explode the fire again for ten seconds

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe

7. Leave a little base oil in the pan, throw in the ginger slices and fry, then fry the chili and pepper, and finally add the minced garlic

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe

8. After the minced garlic is fragrant, pour in the chicken pieces, add a little salt to taste, add cooked white sesame seeds, and mix well to get out of the pan.

Garlic Spicy Chicken recipe


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