Golden Bag Omurice

Golden Bag Omurice

by Susuai Food

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The most staple food on the New Year's Day table in our north is big pastry, but we still have to have rice with patterns, which young people and children like. My princess loves omelet rice, no matter how rich the New Year meal, she likes to order omelet rice as the staple food.
As the chef and mother-in-law of the New Year’s Eve dinner, she always takes care of the preferences of each family member and tries her best to make a different omelet for her granddaughter. She always said that New Year's meals are New Year's meals, and there must be a difference between normal meals. Therefore, she created a unique "Golden Bag Omurice" for her daughter. The little one is very cute. When the child eats it, one bite is just right, and she is also very pleased.
Today’s [Golden Bag Omurice] I made with Lianghe fragrant rice. The taste is good when made with high-quality rice. My daughter was overjoyed. She praised me: This craftsmanship is about to catch up with grandma. One bite. One is really good.


Golden Bag Omurice

1. Cook the rice, finely chop the small cabbage, chives, sausage and winter bamboo shoots, fry an egg into chopped egg flowers for later use

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

2. Stir-fry sausages with hot oil in a pan

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

3. Add chopped green onion, then stir-fry winter bamboo shoots

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

4. Add cabbage and stir fry, then pour in rice and stir fry

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

5. Add salt and stir-fry, then add the egg

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

6. Beat the remaining two eggs, add flour and mix well

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

7. Add a small amount of olive oil and mix well, put the oil in a pan to heat, and use a round mold to fry the omelet

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

8. Let the fried omelets cool down before putting them together, and use the omelets to wrap the right amount of fried rice

Golden Bag Omurice recipe

9. Tie tightly with chives leaves and serve

Golden Bag Omurice recipe


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