Green Onion Cookies

Green Onion Cookies

by Zhong Jiling

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Green Onion Cookies

1. First melt the butter, and then use a whisk to break up the sugar and salt

Green Onion Cookies recipe

2. Add edible oil until it turns white, continue to add water, continue to beat until it becomes a cream

Green Onion Cookies recipe

3. Actually, the chopped green onion continued to be beaten with a whisk until it was evenly beaten, as shown in the figure

Green Onion Cookies recipe

4. Add low-gluten flour and mix well

Green Onion Cookies recipe

5. Stir well

Green Onion Cookies recipe

6. Put in a piping bag

Green Onion Cookies recipe

7. Put tin foil on the baking tray and squeeze out your favorite pattern

Green Onion Cookies recipe

8. Bake up and down 180° for 25min (you can add or subtract temperature according to your own oven)

Green Onion Cookies recipe


Because the performance of each oven is different, you can add or subtract time or temperature according to your own oven


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