Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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They all say "one white hides one hundred ugliness". This is true and true. Women wear nothing as long as they have white skin. They don’t have to choose the color to see how beautiful they are. I have a friend who is naturally not tanned. In summer, women As soon as we go out, we can’t do without the umbrella. That’s how, a summer, the places that are not covered by clothes will still be a few degrees darker, but she won’t. They will be white and tender all year round, because the relationship is good, there is The delicious foods are usually shared together. Over time, I discovered the secret of her sunburn. It turns out that sunburn is eaten. So this summer, I also learned from her. Every day at home, it is especially effective for whitening skin. It’s the most expensive ingredient for eating three meals a day. Relatively speaking, the price of this ingredient can be regarded as the cheapest dish. It can be found everywhere in small supermarkets and large food markets. It is especially convenient to buy, and it does not last for a week. It will break, and office workers don’t have to worry about running out of time to buy it.
This ingredient is the favorite of Hunanese, so it is not surprising that Hunan has beautiful women. There are actually many ways to cook chili. Stir-fried, steamed, cold dressing are all delicious, chop it to make fillings, there must not be many people who have eaten it, friends who like to eat dumplings can try it, absolutely let you love it as soon as you eat it on.

The vitamin C content of pepper is as high as 198 mg, which ranks first among vegetables. It is more common in the sun in summer. Eating more foods with high VC for three meals a day is very helpful for whitening the skin. Look at those who don’t get tanned. , I definitely love spicy food. In the hot summer, many people feel that they have a loss of appetite and don't want to eat anything. A little chili at this time can help stomach motility, promote salivation, increase appetite, and promote digestion. Chili is not only its spicy taste can stimulate our appetite, but also has a great effect on warming the stomach and dispelling cold, especially for those with a bad stomach, you can eat some chili appropriately.

Crisp pepper and soft eggplant are a perfect match. Eggplant has the effects of clearing heat and stopping bleeding, reducing swelling and pain, reducing blood lipids and anti-aging. Eating eggplant often has a good therapeutic effect on chronic gastritis. The eggplant tastes soft and refreshing. It is served with crisp and spicy green peppers. The dumplings are especially delicious, but the spicy and refreshing taste of the dumplings should be emphasized. It is best to use fried The way, if you like to eat spicy food, use thinner chili, which will have more capsaicin. If you don’t eat spicy food, you can use vegetable pepper instead. The VC content is the same.


Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings

1. All the ingredients are ready. In order to save trouble, I usually buy dumpling wrappers directly in summer. It saves the time for making noodles and rolling, making dumplings is particularly simple and convenient.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

2. The eggplants do not need to be peeled. Wash them and shred them directly. Sprinkle with a small spoonful of salt and marinate for about 15-30 minutes. It will be fine for a longer time.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

3. The marinated eggplant will leak out, so don't use your hands to squeeze out the water.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

4. The marinated eggplants become very soft, so chop them up. Wash the peppers and cut them into rings, then chop them for later use.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

5. Heat the frying pan, pour the crushed chili into the pan, and stir-fry until slightly cooked.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

6. Pour the chopped eggplant into the pot and mix with the chopped chili and stir fry for a while. Season with salt, stir well and serve as filling. Sheng out and set aside.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

7. Take a dumpling wrapper and fill it with fillings.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

8. Wrap the dumplings as you like.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

9. Pour a little oil in the pan, and put the dumplings in the pan after heating. Leave a little space in the middle to make the shape of the fried dumplings more beautiful.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

10. After the bottom of the dumpling has turned yellow and shaped, pour in water that is half of the dumpling.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe

11. Cover the lid and cook until the juice is collected. When there is a little water left in the pot, turn to a low heat and remove the lid. The low heat will dry the water vapor on the surface of the dumplings and they will be out of the pot, so that the fried dumplings will be served. It won't stick, it's very beautiful.

Green Pepper Eggplant Dumplings recipe


1. Fry the minced peppers with oil to remove the anger of the peppers, and the spiciness will become softer and more acceptable. The eggplants are marinated with salt, and the taste will become softer. After such a simple treatment, the pepper and eggplant filling is very delicious.
2. The dumplings stuffed with pepper and eggplant, in order to maintain their spicy taste, use the method of frying to cook the most original way of eating. The outside is burnt and the inside is tender, and the spicy appetizer is particularly delicious.
3. When frying the dumplings, you only need to brush a thin layer of oil in the pan. First, fry the bottom slightly over medium and low heat until the shape is set, then add a lot of water to cook the dumplings, and finally there is a little water left At this time, the steam on the surface of the dumplings needs to be boiled to dry, so that the surface of the dumpling skin will also be slightly oily. The fried dumplings are distinct and non-sticky, refreshing and not greasy, especially delicious.


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