Gumbo Kump Soup

Gumbo Kump Soup

by Xuefenger

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The convenience of the gnocchi soup set is very popular with everyone. My Xiaoni loves gnocchi soup. Ask her what she eats when the time is tight. It is definitely gnocchi soup. What kind of vegetables are good for gnocchi soup. Now that okra is on the market, the nutrition of okra cannot be ignored. Okra is known as the "plant Viagra". It contains special medicinal ingredients, which can strengthen the kidney and invigorate the deficiency, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on male organic diseases. It is a suitable nutrient and health vegetable. Okra is a low-calorie plant with high water content and very little fat. Every 100 grams of okra’s tender fruit contains only 0.1 grams of fat, but is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients. It is undoubtedly a good weight loss product. It is very suitable for girls to lose weight.


Gumbo Kump Soup

1. Choose the tender okra, wash and slice

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

2. Put oil in the pot to heat up

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

3. Add chopped green onions and sauté fragrant, pour in okra and stir fry

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

4. Pour in water and bring to a boil, this time you can mix gnocchi

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

5. Put flour in the basin and add a small amount of water

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

6. Just mix well. If there is a lot of dry flour in the middle, you can add an appropriate amount of water several times. Be sure to add less each time, so that the gnocchi is ready.

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

7. After boiling, pour the gnocchi

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

8. Bring to a boil, pour the egg mixture

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe

9. After boiling, turn off the heat and season with salt

Gumbo Kump Soup recipe


1. The vegetables in the gnocchi soup can be added in the appropriate amount of your favorite vegetables.
2. If there is a lot of dry flour in the middle of mixing gnocchi, you can add water in an appropriate amount several times, and you must add less each time, so that the gnocchi will not fail.


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