Haggis Noodles

Haggis Noodles

by Wanshanhong

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I learned this noodle from a Muslim friend. I originally thought that the noodles made from haggis would not be delicious, but I ate it once with a friend and it felt good. When I came back, I just cooked it, and the whole family said it was delicious.


Haggis Noodles

1. Add 200 grams of water and 3 grams of salt to the flour to form a smooth dough, cover it with cloth for about 1 hour

2. After the dosage is divided, continue for 15 minutes, then roll it into a dough, apply oil on the surface, put it on the plate, cover with plastic wrap for more than 1 hour, and set aside

Haggis Noodles recipe

3. The sheep's head is processed and pre-cooked. Because I don’t know how to deal with it, I bought it.

4. Put the lamb head and the processed lamb tripe into the pot, add water to submerge the ingredients, and add the boiled meat material to boil on high heat and cook on low heat for 2 hours. The ingredients for the meat material are: 3 dried chilies and 3 star anise , 30 peppercorns, 3 segments of cinnamon, 1 piece of ginger

Haggis Noodles recipe

5. One cooked lamb lung, remove the blood vessels in the middle

6. Take out the lamb and lamb's head and cut into shreds, set aside with lamb's lungs

Haggis Noodles recipe

7. After the sheep lung is sliced, blanch it with boiling water and remove it again

8. Boil the soup of the lamb's head, add the chopped lamb, add salt, pepper and rice wine and cook for a few minutes, then add a little chili oil. After cooking, remove from the heat and set aside

Haggis Noodles recipe

9. Bring the noodles to the boil and cook

10. Dredge the noodles into the bowl

Haggis Noodles recipe

11. Pour the cooked lamb soup, drizzle with chili oil, and sprinkle with chives.

Haggis Noodles recipe


Haggis has a strong fishy smell and needs to be boiled for reuse


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