Boiled Meat recipes

Curry Beef Brisket Stewed Potatoes

Beef Brisket, Potato, Carrot

Pork and Cabbage Stewed Vermicelli

Pork Belly, Chinese Cabbage, Vermicelli

Beef Noodles

Beef Brisket, With Beef Bones, Flour

Chicken Soup Squid Noodles

Chaiji, Squid, Hand-rolled Noodles

Malanto Pork Bone Soup

Trotters, Lotus Root, Carrot

Fried Butterfly Lamb Chops

Butterfly Lamb Chops, Barbecue Material, Oil

Roasted Spicy Beef Ribs

Bone-in Beef Ribs, Boiled Meat, Spicy Orleans Barbecue

Lanzhou Noodles

High-gluten Flour, Salt, Alkali

Pigskin Jelly

Pigskin, Boiled Meat, Salt

Braised Ribs

Ribs, Vinegar, Cooking Wine

Seafood Lamb Noodles

Sheep Scorpion, Shrimp, Clam Tip

Pork Cabbage Dumplings

Flour, Boiled Meat, Chinese Cabbage

Henan Braised Noodles

Beef, Flour, Boiled Meat

White Cut Beef Tendon

Tendon Of Cow, Boiled Meat, Chubby Sand Spicy Flavor Pulled Sauce

Haggis Noodles

Sheep Head, Nourish The Lungs, Lamb Tripe