Hand-rolled Noodles

Hand-rolled Noodles

by A Michelin Snail

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I remember the taste of my childhood, now with the Joyoung noodle machine, I can also make it for the girl. "


Hand-rolled Noodles

1. raw material

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

2. Two flat cups of flour like this

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

3. Put it into the noodle maker, add water in turn according to the instructions

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

4. When the noodle machine comes out, sprinkle even flour with your hands to prevent sticking.

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

5. The noodles have been made for several days, and they are dried in the middle of the two chairs with chopsticks. It looks a bit like white wool.

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

6. The finished product received this morning

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe

7. A bowl of hand-rolled noodles boiled with tomato scrambled eggs this morning, mushrooms and shredded pork. There is not enough time to cook.

Hand-rolled Noodles recipe


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