Scallion Pork Bun

Scallion Pork Bun

by Gluttonous cat YAJ

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It is my first time to make buns. All the materials I prepared, including how to shape buns, are learned temporarily. It feels quite simple, and it is more suitable for novices! "


Scallion Pork Bun

1. Prepare the ingredients. After buying the ingredients, take care of them and prepare the flour and yeast powder first.

Scallion Pork Bun recipe

2. Use warm water to melt the yeast powder and pour it into the flour. Slowly add in cold water and start kneading. Knead until it becomes a little sticky and leave it in a warm place to ferment to twice its original size. (Partners who have an oven can adjust the oven to the fermentation function to be faster and more time-saving)

Scallion Pork Bun recipe

3. During the fermentation period, the flour has enough time to prepare the ingredients, wash and chop the pork and green onions. (Pork fat to lean ratio is best to buy 1:1, too thin buns are too hard to eat, too fat and too greasy)

Scallion Pork Bun recipe

4. Add five-spice powder, salt, light soy sauce to the minced pork and green onions, and stir well.

Scallion Pork Bun recipe

5. Knead the fermented dough to its original size.

Scallion Pork Bun recipe

6. It’s the first time for me to make buns. I didn’t have time to take photos when I was making buns. Everyone will take a look. Because I don't know how to roll the dough, my method is to take a ball of dough, round it, and flatten it, then pinch the edge of the dough thinly with my hands. When I saw this picture on the Internet, I made a mess, thinking that if I couldn't wrap it up, I would fry the minced meat and eat it as a dish. amount……

Scallion Pork Bun recipe

7. Looking at the picture package, there is no one that looks like a long one. Haha,,,

Scallion Pork Bun recipe

8. Steamed in a pot under cold water for 20 minutes, I was very satisfied with it the first time. (Actually, the noodles in the first pot of steamed buns were steamed before they started to cook. The levers are hard, my goodness...)

Scallion Pork Bun recipe


Yeast powder must use warm water! After the buns are wrapped, the most critical step has just begun... The wrapped buns should be left to stand and ferment for about half an hour. It can be clearly seen that the buns are larger than the original ones and then steamed in the pot, or the noodles will be burnt to death. The buns are very hard and they are edible, but I still like the soft and fragrant buns. I wish you all novices success!


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