Fried Eggs and Chives Box

Fried Eggs and Chives Box

by meggy dancing apple

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For breakfast, make a simple egg and chive box. But there are too few leeks, so I cut another carrot. In this way, the color is enriched, the nutrition is increased, carrots and oils are mixed together, and it can be transformed into vitamin A, which is good for eyes. Isn't this a good combination?

Fried Eggs and Chives Box

1. High-gluten flour and low-gluten flour are mixed in a ratio of 1:1, which has the toughness of high-gluten flour and the softness of low-gluten flour; add 130 grams of warm water and knead it into a smoother dough. About 20 minutes; you can also use boiling water at about 80 degrees to knead the dough, the box will feel softer;

Fried Eggs and Chives Box recipe

2. When making 饧 noodles, let’s deal with the fillings: beat the eggs into a bowl and then fry them into a frying pan; mince leeks, chop carrots, put them in a bowl with the cold minced eggs, pour a little oil, salt, Thirteen incense mix well;

Fried Eggs and Chives Box recipe

3. Knead the dough into long strips and cut them into evenly-sized ingredients;

Fried Eggs and Chives Box recipe

4. Sprinkle a little flour to prevent sticking, flatten the agent and roll it into a thin oval skin, divide the middle in half, and put an appropriate amount of egg, chive and carrot filling on each end;

Fried Eggs and Chives Box recipe

5. Fold up and down in half, pressing tightly on the edge, you can press out the lace with a fork or pinch it out with your hands. The whole box is in a triangular shape, which is small and cute;

Fried Eggs and Chives Box recipe

6. The oil pan is heated. When there are small bubbles around the bamboo chopsticks in the oil pan, several boxes can be fried in the oil pan until the surface is golden. Because the filling is vegetarian, it will be cooked quickly. If you want the skin to be crisper, you can re-fry it again.

Fried Eggs and Chives Box recipe


1. Choose vegetarian fillings as much as possible, so you don’t have to worry about the fillings being unripe after the outer skin is browned. The oil temperature is the same as that of croquettes. Wooden or bamboo chopsticks are erected in the oil pan, and there are dense and dense pieces around the chopsticks. When the bubbles appear, the small box can be put into the pot; adjust the firepower according to the color of the outer skin;
2. The box is small and exquisite to increase the fun of eating, and it can also be made into dumplings, depending on your liking. Try to eat it at once, the remaining skin will be soft, and you can re-fry or fry it to get a crispy texture.


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