by Zhang Yun

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The fermented pancakes are more fragrant and crispy and also help digestion.”



1. Add two eggs and a pinch of salt to the high-gluten flour and start kneading with warm water

Pancakes recipe

2. Make the dough smooth and proof

Pancakes recipe

3. The fully developed noodles are twice as big as the original dough

Pancakes recipe

4. Dip flour on your hands and take out the dried noodles from the bowl

Pancakes recipe

5. Knead the dough repeatedly to exhaust the air and knead until smooth

Pancakes recipe

6. Roll the kneaded dough into a dough with moderate thickness

Pancakes recipe

7. Preheat the electric baking pan, brush the primer with a brush, put the cake dough in, and then brush the skin with another layer of oil, cover the lid, and start baking

Pancakes recipe

8. Cake browned on both sides

Pancakes recipe

9. After taking it out, cut it into equal parts.

Pancakes recipe

10. The best delicious pancakes for breakfast, mung bean glutinous rice porridge

Pancakes recipe

11. Served with a plate of garlic stir-fried vegetables for breakfast

Pancakes recipe


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