Happy Fish Ball Pot

Happy Fish Ball Pot

by He Xiaohe

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I recently bought delicious seasonings and Yixian’s shouxi pot sauce. It is really convenient and delicious. It is slightly sweet, full of flavor and not too salty. It is a compound sauce. You need to add other seasonings to make delicious dishes directly. It can be used directly as a dipping sauce or as a soup. A warm breakfast is particularly satisfying. I made a fish ball tofu pot for 2 people, using lactone tofu, it was really tender and delicious.


Happy Fish Ball Pot

1. Ingredients are prepared.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

2. Put oil in the wok, add green onion and ginger until fragrant.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

3. Add the fish balls and fry them slightly.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

4. Add mushrooms and stir fry.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

5. Add some sukiyaki sauce to season the fish balls and mushrooms.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

6. Add the right amount of water to the fish balls.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

7. Bring to a boil, add beans and corn kernels in a bowl, and cook for a while.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

8. Add the lactone tofu and cook for another minute. Don't stir it randomly to prevent the tofu from breaking up.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

9. Taste the taste of the soup and add some sauce if it is not enough, or use a small dish for dipping.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe

10. Add chopped coriander and you're done.

Happy Fish Ball Pot recipe


1. Add lactone tofu at the end, don't stir, just shake the pot.
2. Shouxi pot sauce is a brand of Youyixian, with a slight sweetness and good taste.


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