Suki Japanese Hot Pot

Suki Japanese Hot Pot

by Fire plated red leaves

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The sukiyaki sauce does not contain any chemical food additives such as coloring, preservatives, and fresheners. It is equipped with commonly used mirin, sake, and white sugar. You don't need to make your own, and you can easily make authentic ryotei delicious!
Shouxi Pot Sauce Shabu-shabu, the taste is sweet and salty, the mouth does not dry out, does not drink, and there is no feeling of getting angry, it is very suitable for people who do not like heavy tastes.

Suki Japanese Hot Pot

1. Sukiyaki sauce and any hot pot ingredients

Suki Japanese Hot Pot recipe

2. Heat a small pot, add butter and ginger slices to fragrant

Suki Japanese Hot Pot recipe

3. The next two pieces of garlic white

Suki Japanese Hot Pot recipe

4. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot and boil

Suki Japanese Hot Pot recipe

5. Add sukiyaki sauce and a small amount of salt

Suki Japanese Hot Pot recipe

6. You can cook and eat all kinds of ingredients

Suki Japanese Hot Pot recipe

7. Add the mellow sukiyaki sauce at any time during the eating process

Suki Japanese Hot Pot recipe


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