Fresh Peas recipes

Sixi Steamed Dumplings

All-purpose Flour, Egg, Pure Milk

Hua Eat Steamed Buns

Steamed Bread, Egg, Chives

Japanese Curry Rice

Rice, Onion, Potato

Fried Peas with Shrimp

Cucumber, Carrot Diced, Fresh Peas

Assorted Cold Dishes

Purple Cabbage, Bitter Chrysanthemum, Egg

Baked Rice with Beef and Vegetables

Multigrain Rice, Potato, Beef

Original Fried Rice

Rice, River Prawns, Salt

Happy Fish Ball Pot

Sukiyaki Sauce, Mushroom, Fish Ball

Pea Milk Soup

Fresh Peas, Pure Milk, Honey

Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice

Rice, Pineapple, Chicken Breast

Sausage Pea Siu Mai

Rice, Lean Meat, Sausage

Emerald Refreshing Pea Cake

Fresh Peas, Flour, Red Dates

Rose Peach Gel Soup

Peach Gum, Rose Jam, Fresh Peas

Brine Peas

Fresh Peas, Salt

Colorful Fish Porridge

Rice, Long Li Fish, Fresh Peas