Hard Beer Bread

Hard Beer Bread

by Daughter of heaven

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This bread is low in oil and sugar, chewy, the more chewy, the more fragrant it is. Friends you like can try. "


Hard Beer Bread

1. All the ingredients except raisins and walnuts are mixed and kneaded together until the dough can pull the film, and it is fermented at room temperature.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

2. Ferment to double the size, and press the exhaust into 4 equal parts. Relax for 30 minutes.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

3. Take one of them and roll it into a rectangle, sprinkle with raisins and walnuts.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

4. Roll up from top to bottom, with the mouth facing down.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

5. Put it in a baking tray and let it ferment in a warm and humid place.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

6. Ferment to twice the size, brush the skin with egg liquid, make a cut, and put it in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for 25 minutes.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

7. Finished product.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

8. Finished product.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

9. Finished product.

Hard Beer Bread recipe

10. Finished product.

Hard Beer Bread recipe


Because the dough has less water content and is hard, there is no need to doubt it, just knead it until the film can be pulled out.


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