Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup

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Everyone has familiar food in their memory. Sometimes just a bowl of soup can evoke a lot of memories. It seems that everyone thinks of Henan food when they think of hot and spicy soup. I am no exception. Today I made a special effort to match the water fried buns. I made this soup without beef and lamb. I used the leftover chicken bones from the chicken thighs to make the chicken soup. Shiitake mushrooms, yellow flowers, kelp, and chopped peanuts are not authentic, but delicious. "


Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup

1. Soak the mushrooms, yellow flowers, kelp, and peanuts in water in advance.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe

2. Cut shiitake mushrooms and yellow flowers into sections for later use.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe

3. Wash the kelp and shred it.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe

4. Cut the kelp shreds and set aside.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe

5. The peanuts are soaked and cut into peanuts.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe

6. The chicken bones are blanched in advance and then the soup is simmered.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe

7. After the soup is simmered, take a medium bowl and pour the spicy noodles with a cool white boil and stir them into the pot. Add the chopped shiitake mushrooms, yellow flower segments and kelp shreds.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe

8. It is best to pour crushed peanuts, pour some sesame oil, and a little salt.

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup recipe


About Hu spicy soup:

Legend has it that the spicy soup cured the cold of Yu Qian, a famous upright official in the Ming Dynasty. The commemorative essays "I'm not afraid of broken bones—Yu Qian Memorial Hall" record: Yu Qian is the governor of Henan and Shanxi provinces and is stationed in Kaifeng. One year when he was celebrating his birthday, he happened to be inspecting in Zhengzhou. According to the convention of frugality, he found a "Hu Ji" restaurant, drank a bowl of hot and spicy soup, and spent his birthday. This unique birthday food made Yu Qian deeply remember its beautiful taste. Once, Yu Qian returned from a patrol in Shanxi and passed by Zhengzhou. Due to the fatigue of the road and busy work, he contracted a cold for several days, but he did not get better. One night, Yu Qian suddenly remembered the soup of "Hu Ji" and sent someone to buy it. When the shopkeeper of "Hu Ji" heard that the governor wanted to eat it with respect, he put enough condiments and made them carefully. Yu Qian sweated profusely after eating. The next day he was light and healthy, and the cold healed unknowingly. Yu Qian sealed the silver twelve taels, thanked the shopkeeper Hu for his healing, and suggested that the soup should be named after the Hu surname. From then on, the soup became "Hu spicy soup."

After the Qing Dynasty, Zhengzhou sold more spicy soups. However, because the Qing Dynasty was established by the Manchus, the folks did not dare to say the word "Hu". The soup looked mushy again. "Hu" and "hu" are homophonic, so Hu spicy soup was later changed to a paste spicy soup. Still in use. Nowadays, the spicy soup has been used to be called Hu spicy soup, and it is also called "Palace Royal Brocade Soup".


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