Hu Spicy Soup recipes

Soup with Pepper

Hu Spicy Soup, Shallots, Parsley

Pancakes and Hot Spicy Soup

Hu Spicy Soup, Flour, Dried Fungus

Soup with Pepper

Black Fungus, Wet Kelp, Tofu Skin

Soup with Pepper

Dried Kelp, Peanuts, Mutton Soup

Xiaoyao Hu Spicy Soup

Pork Tenderloin, Fungus (water Hair), Crispy Meat

Home Edition Hu Spicy Soup

Artificial Meat, Vegetarian Chicken, Seaweed Strips

Hot and Sour Tofu Soup

Tofu, Tomato, Egg

Henan Flavor---hu Spicy Soup

Hu Spicy Soup, Chicken Bone, Shiitake Mushrooms

Simple Version of Pork and Spicy Soup

Hu Spicy Soup, Peanut, Pork Belly