Soup with Pepper

Soup with Pepper

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When it turns cold, breakfast is the most greedy bowl of soup, a bowl of hot spicy soup, the whole body is comfortable, not only warms up but also warms the stomach. Hu spicy soup is also called paste spicy soup. It is a well-known snack in the Central Plains, and it is also one of the most common breakfasts for people in Henan. A bowl of hot and spicy soup with fried dough sticks, fried buns, steamed buns, scallion pancakes, Guokui, and Melaleuca, is a very delicious breakfast. Many people like to go to the street breakfast shop to order fried dumplings and hot spicy soup for breakfast. In fact, it is easy to make hot spicy soup at home. Especially now there are all kinds of hot and spicy soup packs. You don't need to mix the seasonings by yourself, and you don't need to wash the gluten. It is very easy and convenient to make a pot of hot and spicy soup.
The traditional hot and spicy soup requires boiled beef and mutton soup, which is too time-consuming to make at home, and it is somewhat inconvenient. I always boil the beef and mutton soup in advance, put it in a fresh-keeping box or airtight bag, and freeze it in the refrigerator. In this way, take out a portion at breakfast, and pair it with a pack of hot and sour soup, you can make a pot of hot and sour and delicious hot and sour soup very easily and quickly. The prepared Hu spicy soup is not in your mouth, and the unique fragrance has already come out. When you taste it, the thick mutton fragrance and the spicy fragrance of pepper whirl back and forth in your mouth. Such a big bowl in the winter morning is really enjoyable.


Soup with Pepper

1. First of all, we have to prepare all the ingredients needed to make this [Hot Spicy Soup]: 1 pack of Spicy Hot Soup, 25g of dried kelp, 100g of peanuts, 300ml of mutton soup, 5 meatballs, 20g of green onions. Soak the dried kelp and peanuts in clear water overnight.

Soup with Pepper recipe

2. Wash the soaked kelp with sand and mud, put it in hot water and boil it for 2 minutes, then remove it, wash it with clean water, drain the water, and chop it for later use. Then peel off the skin of the soaked peanuts and cut into peanuts for later use. Cut the green onions into chopped green onions and set aside. Take an empty bowl and pour the spicy noodles with 300ml of drinking water and stir to disperse them.

Soup with Pepper recipe

3. Add 1500ml of drinking water to the soup pot, pour the mutton soup, and bring it to a boil.

Soup with Pepper recipe

4. Pour the well-stirred hot and spicy soup into the pot and stir while pouring to prevent small bumps.

Soup with Pepper recipe

5. Then pour the ground peanuts and meatballs into the pot and bring to a boil on high heat.

Soup with Pepper recipe

6. Pour in the cut kelp and stir well.

Soup with Pepper recipe

7. Pour the dried vegetable buns in the hot and spicy soup bag, turn to medium-low heat and cook until the soup thickens.

Soup with Pepper recipe

8. Pour in 10ml of sesame oil, 10ml of balsamic vinegar, and 3g of salt to taste, sprinkle in the chopped green onion, stir well and turn off the heat. The spicy and mellow Hu spicy soup is ready.

Soup with Pepper recipe


1. Dried kelp is soaked with water one night in advance, and the impurities on it are brushed off with a brush, and then cleaned. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and boil over high heat. Add the kelp slices and cook for 2 minutes, remove the foam and remove, wash and control the moisture. This will not only remove fishy but also some salty taste of kelp.
2. I want to drink hot spicy soup temporarily. The ingredients are limited. This is just a homemade practice, not an authentic version.
3. The hot and spicy soup powder bag is mixed thoroughly with water, and then lowered into the pot. When it is put into the pot, stir it evenly to prevent small bumps.
4. Because there are various ingredients such as dried gluten and dried bean curd in the hot spicy soup bag, even washing gluten is saved.
5. You can also put sweet potato vermicelli, dried daylily, dried tofu, fungus and other ingredients in the hot spicy soup. Add ingredients according to your preferences. When eating, you can also add appropriate amount of vinegar to taste according to personal taste.


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