Home Cooked Tofu

Home Cooked Tofu

by Samsuŋ❤

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Everyone in my family likes tofu, and this recipe is the most common. It's delicious and ready for dinner, everyone can try it.


Home Cooked Tofu

1. Prepare raw materials: a piece of old tofu, pickled peppers, pickled ginger, pickled cabbage, shallots, garlic

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

2. Cut tofu into cubes, shred pickled ginger and pickled peppers, chop sauerkraut, chop scallions, and prepare some celery leaves

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

3. Heat up the wok, pour in rapeseed oil and heat up

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

4. Add the bean paste and stir fry until fragrant, then add the dried chilies, and stir fry the peppercorns until fragrant

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

5. Add shredded ginger, shredded pepper, sauerkraut and stir fry

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

6. Pour in some water and bring to a boil

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

7. Add garlic

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

8. Add tofu cubes and cook for a few minutes

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

9. After the tofu is cooked, add celery leaves

Home Cooked Tofu recipe

10. Add appropriate amount of salt and starch; stir-fry evenly, serve out the pan

Home Cooked Tofu recipe


1. The tofu needs to be boiled for a few more minutes before it tastes good;


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