Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry"

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry"

by Large frying spoon

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"Assorted stir-fry" is a home-cooked dish that is often eaten in the spring and summer in Beijing and Tianjin. Assorted stir-fry is usually a small dish used for burrito when eating spring cakes in spring, and it is the end of summer, which is the last season of summer. There is a saying in the north that you have to eat pancakes, which is called; Toufu dumplings, two-fu noodles, three-fu pancakes, rolls and eggs, while eating the pancakes, they are served with assorted stir-fry and sauced meat with rolls. Because at this time the hot summer is about to pass In summer, most people have poor appetite and need tonic, so they use pie to roll some delicious seasonal vegetables and meat and eggs to make up for the energy lost in summer.
Assorted stir-fry is also called assorted dishes. The most classic is the Beijing-style "Hai Cai Cap", that is, after the stir-fry, the plate is placed, then the spread egg is placed on top, and a plate of six small pancakes is served to the guests. It’s said that this way of eating was passed down from the Prince’s Mansion in the Qing Dynasty. Later, every time-honored restaurant in Beijing offered this dish to customers. Of course, it’s rare now, but it can still be found in some time-honored restaurants. Yes, some descendants of Manchu Eight Banner families in Beijing still maintain this way of eating.
The "Assorted Stir-Fry" method is simple and delicious, and the materials used are economical and inexpensive. The method is as follows;"

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry"

1. Heat a wok with a little base oil, add the pork belly and stir fry. After the pork becomes discolored, add the chopped green onion and ginger until fragrant.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

2. Then cook in Shao wine and stir well, then cook in a little soy sauce and stir well.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

3. Pour in an appropriate amount of warm water.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

4. The water boils into the fans.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

5. Then pour shredded fungus and shredded carrots and stir fry several times to fry the shredded carrots until they are broken.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

6. Finally, add bean sprouts and stir-fry over high heat.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

7. Add bean sprouts and stir-fry well and sprinkle in a little salt.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

8. Pour in the spinach segments and continue to stir-fry evenly.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

9. Then sprinkle in a little MSG and pepper for the final seasoning.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

10. Adjust the flavor, add a few drops of sesame oil and stir well to get out of the pot.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe

11. After the side dishes are fried, they can be eaten with pancakes.

Home Cooking "assorted Stir-fry" recipe


The characteristics of this dish; bright color, fresh and delicious, simple materials, balanced nutrition.


1. If there is chive, it will taste better if you put some. Stir-fry with shredded pork loin is also okay, but it has to be prepared in advance for a good taste. Compared with the use of shredded pork belly, the dish is more fragrant.

2. This dish is a fast-fried dish, so the heat should be mastered. It is best not to stir-fry bean sprouts. During operation, stir-fry bean sprouts and spinach until they will be broken, and they should be immediately out of the pot.

This traditional northern home-style stir-fry "Assorted Stir-Fry" made by the big stir-fry spoon is ready for your reference!


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