Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce

by Love braised pork

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Today, I actually made Chopped Chili Sauce. The reason why I say it is because my family doesn’t eat spicy hehe. Speaking of making chopped chili sauce this time, I would also like to thank the blue lotus children's shoes in the group. She was showing her delicacies in the group that day. I saw the chopped chili sauce in the background. The red one is very gratifying, so I asked. Did you make it yourself? She said yes, it was very delicious, which aroused my interest in learning, so I asked about the recipe again. She was very cooperative and told me what ingredients were used. After I finished speaking, I rushed to the morning market. I bought chili, haha, for the first time I cooked and eat so diligently, even she praised me for being vigorous, thank you!


Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce

1. First, prepare chili, tender ginger, garlic, sugar, salt, 65 degrees Erguotou.

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe

2. Peel the garlic, wash it together with the chili and young ginger, and control the moisture for later use.

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe

3. Cut the pepper into sections at will, and cut the ginger into large slices.

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe

4. Use a meat grinder to mash the peppers, garlic, and tender ginger and place them in a basin.

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe

5. Then add 75 grams of salt

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe

6. Add 50 grams of sugar and stir well and marinate overnight.

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe

7. After bottling the next morning, pour a layer of 65-degree Erguotou on the surface to seal the surface of the chopped pepper sauce.

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe

8. Seal the mouth of the bottle with plastic wrap and then cover the lid, put it in the refrigerator after two days at room temperature, and store it in the refrigerator after 20 days.

Homemade Chopped Chili Sauce recipe


There must be no raw water and oil during the production process, otherwise it will be rotten. The surface of the chopped pepper sauce is sealed with white wine for preservative purposes.
My family doesn't eat spicy ones, so I use chili which is not too spicy. You can change it for very spicy ones if you like them.


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