Homemade Sesame Oil

Homemade Sesame Oil

by Kang Kang 1818

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All-purpose sesame oil is not only a delicious seasoning, but also a good health care product. It can treat gout, prevent rheumatism, regulate the stomach, and make you eat healthy and eat at ease. It is a good choice for mixing vegetables, noodles, and even cold skin.


Homemade Sesame Oil

1. Raw material map

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

2. Pour boiling water into the pepper

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

3. Water can soak the pepper, the soaking time is about 1 minute

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

4. Filter out the water used to soak the pepper and save the pepper for later use

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

5. Cut green onion, slice ginger, cut garlic into cubes

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

6. Heat the pot and add vegetable oil

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

7. Put the onion, ginger, and garlic in the low heat and fry slowly. During the frying process, turn it a little to make the aroma of onion, ginger, and garlic more fully blend into the oil, and make the sesame oil taste numb and fragrant.

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

8. Fry until the onion, ginger and garlic are slightly yellow

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

9. Pour in the peppercorns soaked in water and fry in oil for 5 seconds

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

10. Turn off the heat and use the remaining temperature of the oil to simmer the numbness in the pepper. The peppercorns won’t be mushy and full of numbness.

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe

11. Simmer until the oil cools, filter out the sesame oil, put it in a dry and airtight bottle, and store in the refrigerator.

Homemade Sesame Oil recipe


Fry the green onion, ginger and garlic until slightly yellow, put the pepper in the oil and fry for 5 seconds. Use the remaining temperature of the oil to simmer the numb flavor in the pepper. The resulting pepper will not be mushy, and the numb flavor is full.


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