Oil-free cola chicken wings

Coke chicken wings are made with chicken wings and coke as the main ingredients. The taste is delicious, the color is bright, the chicken wings are tender and smooth, the salty sweetness is moderate, and it retains the aroma of cola, which is very popular among the public. Every time the child comes back, the cola chicken wings are a must-order delicacy. This time I made the oil-free version of the cola chicken wings, and the greasiness is reduced and the taste is better!







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How to Make It

1. Prepare all the ingredients.
2. Wash the chicken wings and scribble evenly on them.
3. Fry the chicken wings in a pan over medium-low heat, without oil
4. Until the chicken wings are slightly yellowed on both sides of the oil.
5. Then fry the green onion, ginger, star anise pepper and fry until it has a fragrance.
6. Add white wine for fragrance
7. Add soy sauce and light soy sauce.
8. Then add Coke. It's better to spread the coke over the chicken wings.
9. Cover and bring to a boil over high heat, and cook over medium heat.
10. The broth is half dried and seasoned with salt.
11. Finally, the fire can be thickened and the juice is thick.
Scratching the top of the chicken wings can make it more delicious several times.