Homemade Small Fish Jelly

Homemade Small Fish Jelly

by Gu Suluo Xiaoqi

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This is a cold dish that I often ate when I was a child. When I was young, I used to rely on the mountains to eat the mountains and the water to drink. When I was a child, the east side of my house was the Yellow Sea, and the north, south and west sides were the Sheyang River with nine bends and eighteen curves. Shrimp and crab. In winter, what my mother usually cooks is to boil a large pot of small fish and leave a lot of fish soup. Came here overnight, the fish soup was frozen, and the porridge bibimbap was delicious. The kittens in the family also have special benefits. If you can add a large handful of soaked and boiled soybeans and a small handful of homemade pickled vegetables, it will be more delicious Xiaoyu jelly beans.

The so-called follow-up, I am now just taking pictures of cats and tigers, thinking about the process of my mother making fish jelly back then, I also concocted a big pot of it. Although the taste is not as good as old ginger, it is still very good. It's just that the cats at home have a mouthful of words, so they have long stopped taking these benefits into their eyes. "


Homemade Small Fish Jelly

1. Prepare all kinds of raw materials and seasonings.

Homemade Small Fish Jelly recipe

2. Wash the small trash fish, remove the scales and cut the belly of the larger one, and clean the smaller one by squeezing the internal organs out of the chest by hand. Then control the moisture. Wash green onion and mince, peel ginger, wash and mince.

Homemade Small Fish Jelly recipe

3. Pour twice as much oil as usual for cooking in the wok and heat it up.

Homemade Small Fish Jelly recipe

4. When the oil is 60% hot, put the small fish in and fry it slightly, don't overturn it. Small fish are small, easy to cook, and will fall apart if they turn too much.

Homemade Small Fish Jelly recipe

5. Put the green onion and ginger in, and spread it evenly on the surface of the fish as much as possible.

Homemade Small Fish Jelly recipe

6. After about half a minute, add the rice wine, dark soy sauce, salt, sugar, and boiled water about the level of the fish. Open the lid and cook until the wine smell dissipates.

Homemade Small Fish Jelly recipe

7. Cover the lid and cook until there is a layer of soup left. Add light soy sauce and white pepper. Gently shake the pot to make the soup even. Finally, cook on high heat for one minute to turn off the heat and serve. After cooling, put it in the refrigerator. Just make it frozen.

Homemade Small Fish Jelly recipe


1. The small fish is very difficult to clean up. Be careful not to squeeze the dark green gall, otherwise the fish will be very bitter. If there is any squeezing of the fish gall, just discard the part that was gotten by the bile.

2. The small fish should not be turned frequently after entering the pot, otherwise they will all "separate flesh and blood".

3. The rice wine and white pepper are both for removing fishy.

4. According to personal taste, you can add dried chili rings, pickles, soft boiled soybeans and so on.


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