Hometown Tofu

Hometown Tofu

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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Hometown tofu is a home-cooked dish in Hunan. The people who used to go to the dock didn't have much money, so they used tofu, plus some minced meat and chili to make a meal together. One dish, you can eat a few bowls of rice.
The children are afraid of chili, but they like this dish very much. The tofu has been deep-fried, and it is tender on the outside and tender on the inside. It is delicious.


Hometown Tofu

1. Ingredients are ready

Hometown Tofu recipe

2. Soak the tofu in light salt water, cut into large pieces, fry the tofu pieces until golden on both sides, pick up and set aside

Hometown Tofu recipe

3. Cut peppers, lean meat, and chopped green onion into small pieces

Hometown Tofu recipe

4. Leave the bottom oil in the pot and stir fragrant dried chilies

Hometown Tofu recipe

5. Add dried chilies and sauté until fragrant

Hometown Tofu recipe

6. Add chopped green onion and tempeh, add water, salt, light soy sauce, and boil

Hometown Tofu recipe

7. Add the fried tofu, cook for about five minutes on medium heat, pour in water starch, add a little oil and stir well.

Hometown Tofu recipe

8. It's delicious when it's warm

Hometown Tofu recipe


My family likes to eat dried chili, but this dried vegetable is only available in our hometown. If you can't find it, you don't need it.


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