Hot and Sour Radish

Hot and Sour Radish

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The sweet and sour sweetness has a hint of spiciness, which will definitely make your appetite open when you lose your appetite.


Hot and Sour Radish

1. Peel and cut white radish and carrot into thick strips, add salt, mix well and marinate for 20 minutes to taste

Hot and Sour Radish recipe

2. Put water in a boiling pot, add sugar and boil, cook until the sugar melts

Hot and Sour Radish recipe

3. Turn off the heat and add white vinegar, adjust to sweet and sour water, let cool and set aside

Hot and Sour Radish recipe

4. Clean the red pepper, cut a cut on the side with a knife for easy taste, slice the ginger

Hot and Sour Radish recipe

5. The pickled radishes are watered out, grasp and pinch evenly, and drain the water

Hot and Sour Radish recipe

6. Put the radish and carrot sticks in a glass crisper, add ginger slices, red pepper, and pour sweet and sour water over the radish sticks

Hot and Sour Radish recipe

7. Close the lid and seal it, and keep it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days to taste.

Hot and Sour Radish recipe


1. Adjust the amount of sweet and sour according to the amount of radish, the ratio of sweet and sour is 1:2;
2. Do not use iron containers for pickled food;
3. Pickled radish sticks for at least 2 days to taste;
4. The amount of chili should be adjusted according to personal preference.


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