How to Make A Delicious Chicken

How to Make A Delicious Chicken

by Haiyan's Kitchen (From Sina Weibo.)

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There are many delicacies in Taiwan, and one of the most delicious and popular among the population must be a classic dish-[Three Cups of Chicken], three cups of chicken, as the name suggests, is related to three cups. These three cups are one cup of sesame oil, one cup of soy sauce, and one cup. If rice wine is made according to this recipe, a cup of sesame oil and modern diet emphasize low fat content, so the oil content is a bit higher, so I personally suggest that sesame oil can be adjusted to 1-2 spoons, and the chicken itself also contains a certain amount. Grease, so the amount of oil is adjusted according to the actual cooking situation and healthy and nutritious diet principles. This does not conflict with deliciousness, and it can still be delicious without friends!

As for one of the three glasses of rice wine, most of us like to use cooking wine or rice wine for home cooking, so rice wine is not the only choice. This time, we changed to rice wine in order to be able to use alternative wine in our daily lives. It is more convenient, so it is more suitable for us to operate in the family after the improvement~


How to Make A Delicious Chicken

1. Three yellow chicken, one tender ginger, soy sauce, butter, sesame oil, nine-layer tower

How to Make A Delicious Chicken recipe

2. Wash the three-yellow chicken, chop it into pieces, heat it in a pan, put the oil into the ginger, stir-fry, add the chopped chicken pieces, then stir-fry the chicken over high heat to tighten the skin color, slightly yellow, and add rice wine

How to Make A Delicious Chicken recipe

3. Then add the soy sauce and then sesame oil, stir evenly, cover the pot and simmer until it is cooked, sprinkle in the nine-layer tower and stew for one or two minutes, then serve while hot

How to Make A Delicious Chicken recipe

4. Finished picture

How to Make A Delicious Chicken recipe


1. You must use tender chicken to make three-cup chicken, three yellow chicken is better, grass chicken and old hen will not burn badly.
2. Tender ginger tastes better than old ginger
3. The nine-story tower is essential
4. If rice wine is not available, you can use rice wine or cooking wine instead, but never use white wine. If the alcohol exceeds the standard, eating chicken will make you drunk.


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