Icing Cookies

Icing Cookies

by Yingshang·Ning

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Icing Cookies

1. Prepare materials

2. Sift the powdered sugar and soften the butter

Icing Cookies recipe

3. Add the sifted powdered sugar to the butter

4. Then add egg liquid

Icing Cookies recipe

5. Stir evenly, pour the egg liquid and butter to the extent that it is completely melted

6. Add vanilla extract and mix well

Icing Cookies recipe

7. Mix low-gluten flour and butter, pour the butter into the low-gluten flour

8. Start stirring and let it become a dough

Icing Cookies recipe

9. Put the mixed flour dough into a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator for about half an hour

10. Take out the dough and roll it out to a thickness of about 3mm

Icing Cookies recipe

11. Use scissors to cut the edge of the fresh-keeping bag, and then use a biscuit mold to shape it out as needed

12. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, put the pressed biscuits on the baking tray, and then send them into the oven

Icing Cookies recipe

13. The baked biscuits are dark in color and light in color, but it’s okay, they don’t look good. I will kill them as soon as they come out.

Icing Cookies recipe

14. Next we make meringue frosting, sieve the powdered sugar, and use lemon juice for later use

15. Pour the powdered sugar into the egg whites

Icing Cookies recipe

16. Then stir well

17. How much lemon juice is adjusted according to your needs

Icing Cookies recipe

18. The lemon juice is adjusted well, it should be slightly fluid, and the effect is very slow and slow

19. Prepare food coloring

Icing Cookies recipe

20. Drop in the pigment you need, then adjust

21. The color after adjustment is very uniform

Icing Cookies recipe

22. Put the piping bag into the cup, then pour the icing sugar

23. After pouring the icing sugar, cut off the small corners on the head of the piping bag, and you can draw any shape on the biscuits

Icing Cookies recipe

24. Use icing to paint the shape you like on the biscuits

Icing Cookies recipe


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