Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken

by Table dinner

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As the new year is approaching, as the temperature drops sharply, the body seems to have entered a hibernation state, and it is inextricably dissolved with the quilt.

One trillion tons of warmth is desperately needed to embrace oneself.

Getting up every day is an extremely difficult thing. I can only keep telling myself that starting from tomorrow, I will be an interesting person, starting from eating, drinking and playing.

So, get up and become motivated.

In such weather, if you want to say what food can come to mind at this time, it must be the Chongqing hot pot with hot smoke! And all the prosperous food, spicy hot pot, hot and sour noodles...

What I want to eat the most is still my favorite dish of saliva chicken. My ears start to heat up just thinking about it.

The first time I ate the saliva chicken was probably in junior high school. I went to Sichuan at the same table with my family and mentioned "saliva chicken". The words of praise were beyond words. The expression of intoxication is still deep in my memory.

Later, on a graduation trip, I went to Chengdu together and ate the legendary saliva chicken as I wish. When I was feasting, the tablemates always said "there is no good food from the last time".
I gave him a blank look and swept the whole game by myself.

It's just such an appetizer, filled with red spicy oil and full of spices, the chicken is white and the skin is tender, and the picture is prosperous.

As a fast hand dish on the New Year's table, it is very flattering.
Put a piece of chicken on it, dipped in the sauce, and the spicy material envelops the chicken entrance.

The first is the spicyness of the oil, the second is the freshness of the chicken skin, and the third is the tenderness of the chicken.

Accompanied by chewing, the triple taste fusion becomes a kind of peculiar effect of fresh hemp, which is like a prescription to wake up the taste buds, prompting the wooden chopsticks to involuntarily extend into the plate for the second time, starting a joyous journey of feasting.


Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken

1. Prepare ingredients.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

2. Wash the chicken legs, put it into the pot in cold water, add cooking wine, ginger, green onions, and some spices (you can add it according to your taste or not, I added bay leaves, tangerine peel, star anise, and Chinese pepper)

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

3. Mix the cooked peanuts and sesame seeds and crush them on a rolling noodle.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

4. Add a pinch of salt to increase fragrance.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

5. Turn the high heat to medium heat, cook for 10-15 minutes, turn off the heat, and simmer for 5 minutes.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

6. After the stuffy drumsticks are taken out, they are quickly placed in ice water to chill.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

7. Take out the chicken drumsticks after cooling, soak up the moisture with a kitchen paper towel, and apply a layer of sesame oil to increase the smoothness.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

8. After drying, chop into pieces and place on a plate.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

9. Sprinkle with peanuts and crushed sesame seeds. If there are peanuts with red oil, add a spoonful of peanuts with red oil to make it more fragrant.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

10. The ratio of sauce, vinegar, light soy sauce and sugar is 3:2:0.5, which is more suitable for my taste. You can also change it according to your taste.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

11. Pour the sauce, pour a layer of red oil, sprinkle with shallots to decorate, the color and aroma, the saliva has already flowed to the ground.

Indispensable Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe


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