Italian Meatball Rice

Italian Meatball Rice

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This Italian meatball rice, once took my son to a western restaurant, he loved it very much, but the price was quite expensive for 38 servings. Later I imitated it several times and it tasted very good. Yes, the key cost is less than 10 yuan!
My son is usually very picky about food and he doesn't like to eat vegetables. He made this meatball rice and fried it with a lot of vegetables.
If your kids don’t like to eat vegetables, you can try this to make sure they are delicious until the bottom of the bowl is licked clean.
I usually buy some children's meatballs and put them in the refrigerator. They have a light texture and little added. When my son wants to eat them, I can take them out and make them.
Come try it? "


Italian Meatball Rice

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Italian Meatball Rice recipe

2. First, wash the onions, tomatoes, and green peppers and dice them for later use.

Italian Meatball Rice recipe

3. Pour an appropriate amount of edible oil into the hot pan. After the oil is hot, pour in the onion cloves until fragrant, and fry the transparent color.

Italian Meatball Rice recipe

4. Pour the diced green pepper into the stir-fry, and then pour the diced tomato and stir-fry the juice.

Italian Meatball Rice recipe

5. Pour in corn and green beans and continue to fry, then pour in salt and light soy sauce, stir fry and mix well.

Italian Meatball Rice recipe

6. Finally, put the children's meatballs into the stir-fry, pour in a little water, simmer on high heat, turn off the heat when the juice is collected, find a plate to buckle the rice, stew the Italian meatballs, and eat them.

Italian Meatball Rice recipe


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