Jade Cabbage

Jade Cabbage

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Jade Cabbage

1. Potato peeled, sliced, cabbage removed

Jade Cabbage recipe

2. Put fat beef, light soy sauce, pepper in a bowl, stir well, marinate for ten minutes

Jade Cabbage recipe

3. Put potato slices in the pot with water, and steam it over high heat

Jade Cabbage recipe

4. Put water in the pot, boil on high heat, add the cabbage to blanch water for 1 minute

Jade Cabbage recipe

5. Pour potato chips into a bowl, add pepper, salt, and mash

Jade Cabbage recipe

6. Put fat beef on the cabbage, put on mashed potatoes, spread evenly, and roll into a roll

Jade Cabbage recipe

7. Put the beef rolls in water, steam them over high heat, put oil in the pot, pour garlic slices, white sugar, and sauté on high heat, add light soy sauce, sauté on high heat, and pour on the beef rolls

Jade Cabbage recipe


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