Japanese Cat Rice

Japanese Cat Rice

by Yuner cat

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The so-called "cat rice" in Japan refers to a simple meal made with white rice and bonito festival scraps. Rice is the staple food of the Japanese. The amount is cheap, and the bonito, commonly known as bonito, is also very common in Japan. It is a common food in Japan. The meat of the abdomen of the bonito is steamed and charcoal grilled to make it into dried fish. Namely the Bonito Festival. When making "cat rice", cut the bonito flakes with a knife into thin crumbs, cover the rice with soy sauce or miso soup, etc.


Japanese Cat Rice

1. First, put two bowls of rice in the rice cooker and wash them. The amount of rice depends on how many people want to eat. You can add or subtract at will

Japanese Cat Rice recipe

2. Add clean water, about 2 cm high than the rice, press the steaming button, finish, and wait for the fragrant rice to be steamed

Japanese Cat Rice recipe

3. While waiting for the rice to be steamed, prepare a small bowl, a small rice scoop, Japanese soy sauce, and the protagonist bonito flakes

Japanese Cat Rice recipe

4. The rice is steamed, it's absolutely fragrant

Japanese Cat Rice recipe

5. While it’s hot, be sure to take it while it’s hot, take a small bowl and serve the rice well

Japanese Cat Rice recipe

6. Put the bonito flakes on the rice when the rice is hot, so that the bonito flakes are slightly blanched with the temperature of the rice

Japanese Cat Rice recipe

7. After pouring the Japanese-style soy sauce, the amount of soy sauce can be adjusted according to your own taste

Japanese Cat Rice recipe


1. You can add or subtract the amount of rice and bonito flakes at will according to how many people eat;
2. The Japanese-style soy sauce used by cats is sushi soy sauce. The taste of Japanese-style soy sauce is sweeter than ordinary home-made soy sauce. If you don’t have Japanese-style soy sauce, you can also use home-made soy sauce;
3. Be sure to put bonito flakes on the hot rice, so that the temperature of the rice can soften the bonito flakes, and the rice can also have a little bit of bonito flakes flavor.


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