Japanese Style Omelet Rice

Japanese Style Omelet Rice

by Mo Xiluo

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Before getting married, I love to cook and eat by myself. Leftover rice can be made by the way. It is nutritious and tastes good.


Japanese Style Omelet Rice

1. Put the corn and carrots in the pot and cook for three minutes. Cut the other ingredients into small pieces of about half a centimeter. You can cut some green onions to match the color.

Japanese Style Omelet Rice recipe

2. Put some oil in the pan, add all the ingredients and stir fry until fragrant, pour in the leftover rice and stir fry, such as adding salt, chicken essence or tomato sauce or curry sauce to fry into your favorite type of fried rice.

Japanese Style Omelet Rice recipe

3. Beat the eggs into a bowl, add a little salt and mix well, or add 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 tablespoon of flour to mix and mix evenly. The latter makes a thicker omelet.

Japanese Style Omelet Rice recipe

4. Use a large and flat pan with a flat bottom. Put a little oil in the pan and pour in the evenly stirred egg mixture over a low heat. It will gradually form a round shape and the small fire omelet will not be mushy. Leave some egg wash in the bowl for a while.

Japanese Style Omelet Rice recipe

5. When the egg liquid starts to solidify, pour the fried rice into one-half of the omelet, and try to leave some space on the edge of the omelet.

Japanese Style Omelet Rice recipe

6. Flip up the other half of the omelet and cover the rice to form a semicircle. Pour the remaining egg liquid on the edge of the stacked egg liquid to make the edges of the omelet better bond. Turn off the fire.

Japanese Style Omelet Rice recipe

7. Squeeze your favorite sauce, such as ketchup, and cut it in half. I'll eat it, bye bye.

Japanese Style Omelet Rice recipe


1. If there is no shiitake mushrooms, you can use smaller eryngii mushrooms instead.
2. If there is no corn, you can use potatoes instead~


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