Jiaodong Qiao Wife

Jiaodong Qiao Wife

by Happy octopus

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The reason why this dish is called Jiaodong Qiao Wife, should be derived from the re-creation of fish roe or some bits and pieces when Jiaodong people eat fish. I have loved fish roe since I was a child. This method is simple and delicious. As for the old traditions about who can’t eat fish roe, just don’t listen to it. Eggs are chicken eggs, and fish roe are fish eggs. If you eat eggs, you can eat fish roe.


Jiaodong Qiao Wife

1. Wash the garlic sprouts, cut into cubes, add half of the salt to marinate

Jiaodong Qiao Wife recipe

2. Chopped fish roe

Jiaodong Qiao Wife recipe

3. Beat the eggs with salt, add fish roe

Jiaodong Qiao Wife recipe

4. Heat the peanut oil in the pan, pour in the egg liquid, and quickly fry into pieces

Jiaodong Qiao Wife recipe

5. When the egg is almost solidified, immediately pour in the garlic sprouts and continue to fry until the eggs are cooked through and the surface of the garlic sprouts is slightly wrinkled, ready to be served

Jiaodong Qiao Wife recipe


Jiaodong Qiao Wife recipe


Jiaodong Qiao Wife recipe


1. To use sea fish roe, I use mackerel roe. If there is no roe, use squid to be chopped, or add shrimp paste to the egg liquid is also delicious;
2. If you like spicy food, you can add chili when you start scrambled eggs. Our family doesn't eat spicy food, so I just put some oil chili for decoration;
3. The scrambled eggs themselves require a lot of oil. Basically, you can just use the amount of oil for two eggs;
4. This dish is great with wotou, or eaten with spring cakes.


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