Kidney Bean Dumplings

Kidney Bean Dumplings

by Minger Kitchen

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Kidney beans are rich in protein and amino acids. Regular consumption can invigorate the spleen and stomach and increase appetite. The general population is suitable for consumption, just follow the way of eating long beans. In order to catch up for dinner, he acted quickly. The outgoing son ate more than 20 in one breath, and shouted that it was delicious. The taste was similar to long beans, but it was more delicious. It seems that the stuffed dumplings are still ready to be made when the high school students come home!


Kidney Bean Dumplings

1. First, mix the flour into a suitable soft and hard dough and put it aside to wake up the dough. Remove the head and tail of the kidney beans, add cold water to the pot, boil until the pot is boiling, let cool and set aside.

Kidney Bean Dumplings recipe

2. Chop the pork into meat filling and put it in a basin. Add peanut oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and oyster sauce, stir well, and marinate for a while.

Kidney Bean Dumplings recipe

3. Add the chopped green onions and ginger and stir evenly. I just bought a lot of green onions today, only the tender green onions leaves, not to mention the color is very positive.

Kidney Bean Dumplings recipe

4. Chop the kidney beans into fine pieces, squeeze the water slightly with your hands, and put them in the meat filling. Because the kidney beans will retain a lot of water after being boiled, you can squeeze it a little so that the dumplings don’t get any water out, but don’t squeeze it too dry to affect the taste.

Kidney Bean Dumplings recipe

5. Take out the dough and knead out the gluten, so as to ensure that the dumplings will not break or lose water. Pull out the small agent, roll out the dumpling wrapper, and put the stuffing in the middle. Put one side of the dumpling wrapper on your index finger and use two thumbs to pinch out the ingot dumpling.

Kidney Bean Dumplings recipe

6. Repeat the operation until all the dumplings are wrapped.

Kidney Bean Dumplings recipe

7. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, and after boiling, put the dumplings in the boiling water pot.

Kidney Bean Dumplings recipe


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