Kidney Flower Instant Noodles

Kidney Flower Instant Noodles

by EEfoodlife

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Some friends will find the taste of the waist flower is weird. I believe that after seeing the following, my treatment will eliminate the established impression of the waist flower~~~"


Kidney Flower Instant Noodles

1. Ingredients (for two persons): 2 kidneys, 6 white mushrooms, 2 green peppers, half an onion, a little green onion and coriander, 2 packs of instant noodles (is it really convenient!)

Kidney Flower Instant Noodles recipe

2. Seasoning: cooking wine, oyster sauce, soy sauce, white pepper, starch

Kidney Flower Instant Noodles recipe

3. To treat kidney flowers (you can buy them from the vegetable farm), the steps are very simple. Cut the flowers into pieces, put them in boiling and cold water for 10 minutes, and then season them with cooking wine, oyster sauce, white pepper and starch.

Kidney Flower Instant Noodles recipe

4. Other ingredients are processed, white mushrooms are sliced, green peppers and onions are cut into pieces, green onions and coriander are cut into pieces, and you can wait for it to be cooked! After the preparations are done, you can start cooking the instant noodles and put them in a large bowl (you can add the instant noodle seasoning package if you like). While cooking the noodles, you can fry the kidney toppings! When the oil in the wok is hot, add onions, green peppers and white mushrooms. After the aroma comes out, add the previously seasoned kidneys. Turn off the heat after about 2 minutes. Add the green onions and coriander. Stir after the paragraph.

Kidney Flower Instant Noodles recipe

5. The last step is to plate, pour the kidney toppings on the ready-to-eat noodles (you can add some cooked fresh cordyceps flowers for garnish)

Kidney Flower Instant Noodles recipe

6. Alright! A delicious instant noodle with kidney flower is presented to everyone, is it very simple and fast?

Kidney Flower Instant Noodles recipe


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