Kimchi Beef Brisket

Kimchi Beef Brisket

by Connie Chen

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Kimchi sirloin was occasionally seen when I watched the video some time ago. In the video, the red kimchi and the braised sirloin, innovative methods, gorgeous dishes, and delicious flavors instantly stimulate my taste buds. I must follow the video tutorial to do it once. , Kimchi and beef go well, hot and sour kimchi, juicy sirloin, I also added refreshing sweet horseshoe and sweet and sour tomato sauce, a pot of sweet and sour kimchi sirloin spiked rice, poured The rice in the soup will satisfy the stomach.


Kimchi Beef Brisket

1. Cut sirloin, cut kimchi into small pieces, peel and cut water chestnuts, peel and cut ginger, slice garlic, put sirloin pieces and cold water in a wok, boil and boil for 5 minutes, pour the bleeding water, rinse the sirloin and drain

Kimchi Beef Brisket recipe

2. Heat oil in a wok, sauté ginger and garlic, add kimchi slices, and stir fry for a fragrance

Kimchi Beef Brisket recipe

3. Add the sirloin cubes and fry the sirloin cubes until golden in color

Kimchi Beef Brisket recipe

4. Add water chestnut cubes, tomato sauce, rock sugar, cooking wine, chicken powder and boiling water, stir well, cover with the lid, boil, turn to medium-low heat and simmer for 45 minutes, simmer the sirloin until soft and moderately rotten

Kimchi Beef Brisket recipe

5. Add salt to taste before turning off the heat

Kimchi Beef Brisket recipe


1. Put the sirloin into the wok together with cold water to get rid of the sirloin dirt.
2. When braising the sirloin, let go of the water so that the braised sirloin will not grow old.
3. The salt should be seasoned last. If the salt is added early, it will be difficult to simmer the sirloin.


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