Kimchi Cake

Kimchi Cake

by Xin Bing

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Looking at Yin Canteen, I feel that everything they make is delicious and easy, especially the kimchi pancakes, which are simple and convenient. It’s okay to try it at home....


Kimchi Cake

1. Spicy cabbage cut into small cubes and set aside

Kimchi Cake recipe

2. Cut the pork slices into small pieces and set aside in the spicy cabbage

Kimchi Cake recipe

3. Two scoops of canned TUNA

Kimchi Cake recipe

4. Add eggs, salt and some flour

Kimchi Cake recipe

5. Stir all the ingredients together evenly

Kimchi Cake recipe

6. Add oil to the hot pot, add the well-stirred ingredients, spread into a cake shape, and fry slowly over low heat

Kimchi Cake recipe

7. When the kimchi cake is formed, fry the reverse side until the cake is cooked.

Kimchi Cake recipe


Both kimchi and canned TUNA are salty, so you don't need to put salt in it.
Be sure to fry slowly on a low fire, otherwise the outside will be battered and the meat inside will not be cooked yet.


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