Korean Bibimbap

Korean Bibimbap

by May Little Chef

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Do you feel that Koreans eat everything super fragrant no matter what they eat? Today I made a simple Korean bibimbap with the ingredients I have in hand. It tastes really good. If you don’t want to make it too complicated, there is no omelette. Add some spicy cabbage, mix well, and serve with a large spoon. You can also Eat the feeling of "pig's feet" in Korean dramas.


Korean Bibimbap

1. Carrots and cucumbers are shredded separately. In order to consider the problem of nutrient absorption, it is better to boil water and add some oil to blanch the carrots.

Korean Bibimbap recipe

2. Cut the spicy cabbage into strips and set aside with spicy sauce

Korean Bibimbap recipe

3. Spread the rice on the bottom of the bowl, place shredded carrots, shredded cucumbers, spicy cabbage, 1 spoon of hot sauce, 1 spoon of soy sauce, mix well and start eating

Korean Bibimbap recipe


I made this is a relatively simple method, belongs to the fast hand series, if you have enough time and energy, you can add more side dishes, and then fry an egg.


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