Korean Casserole Bibimbap

Korean Casserole Bibimbap

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Korean food is especially popular these days! Today I made Korean bibimbap in a casserole pot, it was very delicious, and I will share it with everyone.


Korean Casserole Bibimbap

1. Prepare the ingredients used

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe

2. Multigrain rice soaked 2 hours in advance

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe

3. Brush the oil in the casserole, put in multi-grain rice, add appropriate amount of water, and cook for 10-15 minutes

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe

4. Korean hot sauce, Sprite, light soy sauce, white sesame seeds, corn oil, mix well and set aside

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe

5. Put the vegetables in the pot and cook them out

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe

6. Fried bacon and eggs for later use

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe

7. After the casserole rice is ready, spread the vegetables all over the rice

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe

8. Pour the tuned Korean chili sauce and mix it before eating!
Beichun multi-grain rice, multi-layer taste, every bite is nutritious

Korean Casserole Bibimbap recipe


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