Tomato Stuffed Rice

Tomato Stuffed Rice

by Wei-Dessert

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"Beijing pure multi-grain rice, multi-layered taste, nourishing every bite" is suitable for me, a weight loss person!


Tomato Stuffed Rice

1. Dice tomatoes, rape, onions, and salami. Potatoes can also be used.

Tomato Stuffed Rice recipe

2. Northeast Coarse Grains!

Tomato Stuffed Rice recipe

3. The ratio of Beichun Dagomi and water is 1:1.5.

Tomato Stuffed Rice recipe

4. Add all seasonings except light soy sauce to the rice and mix well.

Tomato Stuffed Rice recipe

5. Put all the dishes and sausages, and the rice cooker will start the cooking mode.

Tomato Stuffed Rice recipe

6. Add light soy sauce to the cooked rice and mix well!

Tomato Stuffed Rice recipe

7. "North pure multi-grain rice, multi-layered taste, every bite is nutritious"

Tomato Stuffed Rice recipe


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