Popcorn Rice Balls

Popcorn Rice Balls

by Wanshanhong

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Children like eating balls, not to mention cheese rice balls that can burst. But using white rice to make rice balls, I always feel that the nutrition is not comprehensive enough. And Beichun multi-grain rice, multi-layered taste, every bite is nutritious", Northeast coarse grains, high-quality, rich in multiple layers in the mouth, taste soft and delicious, smooth and glutinous! No soaking, super worry-free, Cooked and cooked at the same time as rice, it is full of deliciousness without waiting for a long time. Breakfast and fast-handed healthy meals are baked in minutes. At the same time, they are rich in protein and dietary fiber, and they are well-balanced. Just use it to make a rice ball that can burst, and add some avocado to make the child healthier.


Popcorn Rice Balls

1. 1 cup of North Pure Dagomi

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe

2. Add 1 cup of water after washing. There will be some water during panning, so just add a cup.

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe

3. Steam in a water basket for 25 minutes.

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe

4. Season the steamed rice with salt and pepper.

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe

5. Cut the avocado into mashed pieces. The cheese slice was cut into small pieces, I forgot to shoot.

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe

6. Take a small ball of rice, wrap it with cheese slices and avocado, and then round it into a rice ball.

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe

7. Fry each side in the pan for two minutes. Fry on both sides.

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe

8. Cooked rice balls. "North pure multi-grain rice, multi-layered taste, every bite is nutritious"

Popcorn Rice Balls recipe


This multi-grain rice does not need to be soaked, it can be steamed directly. Add water to measure one cup of rice and 1.2 cups of water.


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