Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

by Xue Yao _Michelle

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Red but not spicy, spicy but not fierce, Kung Pao Chicken with a strong sauce! Who doesn't love it, don't talk about it after the meal, the content is still super rich, let's go now!


Kung Pao Chicken

1. Stir fragrant peanuts over low heat, fry, sprinkle a little salt, and serve

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

2. Cut chicken breast into small pieces and marinate for a while with soy sauce, salt, egg white, starch, and sesame oil

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

3. Carrots, cucumbers are cut, bean paste and dried chilies are ready

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

4. A spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of oil, a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of vinegar, add a little water to make a sauce

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

5. Stir-fry the chicken breasts in a pot over high heat, and the color will be served. I was a little late to take pictures, but it’s okay. The meat is marinated with egg white and starch and it’s not old.

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

6. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, low heat, fry the Pixian bean paste, add the red oil, and add dried chili

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

7. Turn the heat to high, add carrots and cucumbers, and fry them until cooked

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

8. Add the chicken breasts and stir well, pour in the adjusted sauce, don't add the sauce all at once, avoid being too salty

Kung Pao Chicken recipe

9. After sautéing, turn off the heat, add peanuts, and mix well.

Kung Pao Chicken recipe


1. Pixian Doubanjiang must be used on low heat, otherwise it will batter quickly
2. Don't pour the last sauce in one breath, pour half of it first, and add it if it doesn't taste enough
3. Kung Pao Chicken will also be made sweet in some places, but I still like salty and spicy. I wish everyone a good appetite.


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