Lamb Chop Soup

Lamb Chop Soup

by Twilight shadow

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It feels humid and cold in spring, so let's warm up with a soup. Soup is convenient and quick. The ingredients are also simple. But nutrition is not simple. A bowl of soup is just right with rice.


Lamb Chop Soup

1. Lamb chops cut and set aside

Lamb Chop Soup recipe

2. Peel white radish and carrot for later use

Lamb Chop Soup recipe

3. Cut according to personal preference

Lamb Chop Soup recipe

4. Put lamb chops and appropriate amount of water, salt and cooking wine in the pressure cooker

Lamb Chop Soup recipe

5. Open the lid when the pressure cooker blows air, puts the safety valve, and cools down when there is no air pressure

Lamb Chop Soup recipe

6. Put both kinds of radishes in the pot, cover with the lid, boil the pot and stop the fire.

Lamb Chop Soup recipe


1. No need to drain oil;
2. Don't put any odorous auxiliary materials to avoid destroying the original flavor.


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