Lamb Liver Fried Rice

Lamb Liver Fried Rice

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Seeing lamb liver and fried rice, the first reaction is dark cuisine, right? Trust me, it's delicious. When I was young, my mother always liked to eat lamb liver for me, saying that it was good for my eyes and brain, so I grew up with myopia, and my head was so big [Erha].
Lamb liver is really delicious. It is more delicate than pig liver, tastes better than chicken liver and duck liver, and is not as fat as foie gras. It is really good for the body. Except for people with gout, everyone else eats it well.


Lamb Liver Fried Rice

1. Ingredients preparation: cooked lamb liver, carrots, eggs, chives, cooked corn kernels. Sheep liver is usually sold in delicatessen stores. If you can't buy it, you can buy it online, or you can marinate it yourself.

Lamb Liver Fried Rice recipe

2. Cut the lamb liver into small pieces, add a little salt, dry starch, white wine or cooking wine or rice wine and mix well.
Beat the eggs directly into the rice and mix well.
Dice carrots.

Lamb Liver Fried Rice recipe

3. The rice and egg mixture should be thoroughly mixed. The rice should be mixed and fry until it is delicious.

Lamb Liver Fried Rice recipe

4. Put oil in the pot, stir-fry the rice dry and stir-fry, put it out for later use, this is what is called golden fried rice.
Put less oil in the pot and put the marinated lamb liver into the pot. At the same time, you can put some sliced carrots and corn kernels. The vegetables here can be matched at will, depending on the season, but it is best not to put cucumbers. You can even leave out vegetables if you love watery dishes.

Lamb Liver Fried Rice recipe

5. Fry the scorched scent of lamb liver, pour in a little soy sauce or light soy sauce, stir-fry twice, add the fried rice, and stir-fry the color evenly.
At this point you can taste the taste, then add white pepper, salt, and a little sugar to taste.

Lamb Liver Fried Rice recipe

6. Sprinkle small chives on the pot and it's ready.

Lamb Liver Fried Rice recipe

7. Go ahead!

Lamb Liver Fried Rice recipe


Tips: 1. When soaking in wine or stir-frying, the oil temperature in the pot is higher, and white pepper is added. You can remove the mutton flavor of lamb liver, although I personally like to eat lamb with a little mutton flavor.
2 If you think that it is troublesome to stir-fry rice in this way, you can also do without egg mixture. I personally like to stir-fry rice directly, but girls like egg mixture a lot.
3 Fried rice is a convenient picture. You can omit any step that is troublesome. If you feel like adding something delicious, you can boldly try and wish you success.


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