Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup

by Nuan Nuan Shang

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When I was young, there was no heating or air conditioning in the winter, so my mother always made us hot noodle soup at noon. I'm not sure if there is such a way of eating in the South. The so-called hot noodle soup is to stir-fry the vegetables first, and then directly heat the water. The water will boil the noodles, and a pot will make a meal. The taste of such a bowl of hot noodle soup is melted into the noodle soup, and a bowl of hot noodles in winter is especially happy.

Last week, Xiao Zhi came home from work overtime and said that I was hungry. I rummaged through the refrigerator and found only half a baby vegetable and half a box of lamb slices left over from the hot pot. Seeing that the supermarket downstairs was closed, I felt helplessly thinking about the heat that I hadn’t eaten for a long time Noodle soup. Because I was worried that the lamb slices would have a stinky taste when directly put into the soup, I adjusted an extra spoonful of vinegar and a little light soy sauce when cooking, so that the soup became sour soup, and the color was not too pale and pale. , Finally, the noodles, hot lamb slices, and a little white pepper before being out of the pan, you can feast on it.


Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup

1. Material drawing.

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

2. Wash baby cabbage and shred into shreds, slice garlic, and shred ginger.

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

3. After the wok is heated, put an appropriate amount of peanut oil, add garlic slices and shredded ginger, and fry it until the baby cabbage is fragrant. Then add the baby cabbage, add an appropriate amount of salt and stir fry until the baby cabbage becomes soft.

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

4. Turn to low heat and mix in vinegar and light soy sauce.

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

5. Add 3 bowls of water, turn to a low heat and cook for 2 minutes.

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

6. The following article.

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

7. After the noodles are boiled to nine mature, add the mutton slices. When the mutton slices are cooked through, add an appropriate amount of white pepper, stir and turn off the heat to serve.

Lamb Noodles in Sour Soup recipe


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