Lamb Pilaf

Lamb Pilaf

by Ah hello

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A must-eat special meal when you come to Xinjiang


Lamb Pilaf

1. Pour 30ml of oil (the oil is more than usual for stir-frying), heat it up to the cooked oil, turn off the heat and increase the temperature.

Lamb Pilaf recipe

2. Put the lamb in warm oil so that the oil does not spill. Add water to almost submerge the meat, cover the pot, turn on high heat until the water boils, turn off the minimum heat, and cook for 1 hour

Lamb Pilaf recipe

3. Wash the carrots

Lamb Pilaf recipe

4. slice

Lamb Pilaf recipe

5. After the meat is cooked for an hour, add 5 tablespoons of salt, carrot slices, and half an onion. Cook over high heat

Lamb Pilaf recipe

6. Spread all the carrot slices flat and cover the meat

Lamb Pilaf recipe

7. Cover the pot and cook on high heat

Lamb Pilaf recipe

8. Soak and rinse the rice with clean water

Lamb Pilaf recipe

9. Tiled on the carrot

Lamb Pilaf recipe

10. Cover the pot and heat for 15 minutes

Lamb Pilaf recipe


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