Lame Claypot Rice

Lame Claypot Rice

by A cup of milk green

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Lame Claypot Rice

1. Soak the rice for an hour in advance

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

2. Put the soaked rice in a small pot, the water is about one knuckle above the rice. 2 to 3 cm. Cover the lid and start steaming the rice

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

3. When cooking rice, we can prepare the ingredients, sliced bacon

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

4. Boil the vegetables in boiling water

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

5. The seasoning sauce, mine is relatively simple, I used steamed fish soy sauce directly, put a little sugar, and it was a bit sweeter. You can adjust it according to your own taste. You can also use light soy sauce without steamed fish soy sauce. Add some sesame oil to make it more fragrant

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

6. The rice is basically formed in about 15 minutes, and a little salad oil is poured along the side of the pot. After a circle, you will hear the sound of Zila Zila, which is the rice cracker. Then lay in the meat and vegetables, leaving a circle in the middle

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

7. Then break an egg in the middle position. This way the eggs will be tender, and you can also fry an egg in another pan and put it in. Then continue to be stuffy for a while, until the eggs are cooked

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

8. After the food is fully cooked, pour in the sauce we prepared just now, then stir it evenly, and you can start eating~

Lame Claypot Rice recipe


The choice of the pot can be a bit more laborious. I use the cast iron effect. The casserole is best. As long as there is crispy rice and bacon, it is delicious in my heart. For the choice of rice, fragrant rice is the best. ~


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